Jan 28, 2013

Over extraction. For those under roasted.

This is a 60s pull. To balance all that acidity in the Ethiopia Yukro I got from Prodigy. Almost in balance now, good body and the thin crema characteristic of dry processed ones. Earl Grey Tea is representing :)

Jan 25, 2013

The brew from cezve otherwise known as ibrik

"Perhaps the most distinct characteristic, then, of Turkish coffee is its intensity. The filterless method of brewing combined with exceptionally fine grind produces a cup that's dark and brooding and, well, sludgy. Yet it's the sludge that contributes to the particular body and texture of the Turkish preparation, which, when prepared with the addition of sugar and spice, result in an inarguably unique drink."

More at serious eats:

Jan 23, 2013

Better Than Good To The Last Drop

Finishing the last quarter of the bag of Vivace before I start on Liquor Coffee's gift bag from all the way of the land of the Queen. HM.

Jan 19, 2013

Testing CraftCoffee.com

Testing Craft Coffee. An online mail order roaster sampling service. Once a month, three bags of 4oz coffee. Good way to try a curated list of coffees. Obviously it's for drip, press or chemex preparation, 4oz is barely enough to dial in an espresso!

Nice site too, although definitely created and tested on a Mac. Windows fonts do not have the glyphs for some of their icons.

Jan 18, 2013

Quarreling is over

Good to the last drop. Bad after. Had the last shot of Ritual's Lovers' Quarrel

Jan 16, 2013

Lovers' Quarrel from Ritual

Root beer, sweet as A&W if pulled perfectly. Too short will bring Beaujolais, too long brings out the grapefruit. Tolerant to lack of consistency. Smaller beans, denser structure means significantly more dry weight, up to 18g! Much finer grind settings, still experimenting with finding to settings for light tap-30 seconds pull.

Root cause of root beer

The root cause of root beer seems to be the last third of the shot. When Lovers' Quarrel is restricted and only yields 15-17g shots the taste is of a young red wine. When letting it fully come to the ideal yield of 21-24g the taste shifts to root beer. The last 10s of the pull, with a taste that is marked with phenols, modifies the strawberry, cinnamon and strawberry taste to that of Dr Pepper. There is your recipe for a home made root beer ;)

Jan 13, 2013

May the force be with you

Hilarious, but incomplete. I'd loved to see how his mouth works ;)
Darth Vader's Moka Pot

Vivace crema structure

Up close and personal, this is after the percussion treatment to remove the bigger bubbles.

Vivace keeps on giving.

Taste keeps rounding out as the beans age. Still degassing, but without the early exuberance.

Milk and Roses

Beautiful space, nice people in North end of Greenpoint. Coming back for dinner one day. Espresso is Parisian style, which is to say not very good ;)

Vivace, 3-day-old beans

Tobacco, leather, chocolate, strawberry. Extremely viscous mouthfeel. Still degassing, so the crema is punctuated by small and a few large bubbles.

Nov 12, 2012

Oct 5, 2012

Illy expects growth in China

Thought provoking article states: "Though annual per capita consumption sits at less than five cups, coffee is becoming a daily addiction rather than an occasional splurge for a growing slice of the Chinese population. With coffee consumption in China rising at an estimated 30-40 percent annually, over the global average of 2-3 percent, major coffee chains like Starbucks — which currently has over 570 stores in 48 Chinese cities — aren’t the only ones bullish about the market. This week, Andrea Illy, chairman and CEO of Italian coffee group illycaffe, said his company expects rising demand to propel China into the top five coffee-consuming countries within a few years."

via Jing Daily

Oct 4, 2012

New Breville Infuser Espresso Machine

Serious Eats tries the new Breville Infuser

 My take: I'd still get the Rancilio Silvia. It's in the same price range of $500, and without the PID, you can temperature surf. PID it yourself for $100-$150 at a later date. I do agree with Alex that it is crucial to upgrade the grinder than PIDing anything.